Music, supported by video, live electronics, text and performance

Live music on stage performed on clarinet, bass clarinet & live electronics. The acoustic instruments and the computer are interacting in many levels between the acting performer, the scenography, the video screen and the live electronics audio.
Fritz Gerhard Berthelsen *1963
Performer, clarinet & bass clarinet
1. Prix Virtuosité Conservatoire de Music de Genéve, Schweiz

Ejnar Kanding * 1965
Music composition, live electronics & video
Master degree and postgraduate debut concert in composition from The Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen, further studies at IRCAM, Paris & by Lev Koblyakov, Jerusalem

Duration: 45 min.

Public:  General teater & music public, families & schoolchildren (from 4 grade and up).


– To retell Hans Christian Andersen’s key story “The Shadow” about identity, in a captivating form, that can inspire to reflections on a multifaceted media reality

– To spread the knowledge of contemporary music to a wider audience

– To make focus on the fact, that important stories successfully can be told through contemporary art

In a world dominated by accelerating trends and social medias, it is important to strengthen People awareness of “who they really are”

Andersen’s 150 year old text is more actual than ever.
The experience of today for children and adolescents are sometimes that the virtual universes are occupying, even swallowing theirs identity. Then the question: “who are you” in the real world, can sometimes be difficult for them to figure out.