Music composer

Ejnar Kanding composed The Shadow in 2013 and revised it in its final version in 2015. Parts of The Shadow exists as solo pieces for clarinetist using live electronics (MaxMSP) with the title: Tableau 1-9, premiered in an exhibition of the painter Nes Lerpa in Langes Magasin, Frederiksund in 2013; and in a audio-visual version for clarinetist, percussionist and live electronics (MaxMSP) called Sette Venti, premiered in Gjethuset, Frederiksværk in 2015 using a series of paintings by Nes Lerpa in the video part.

Ejnar Kanding is known for his uniquely colourful music, which unites electronic and acoustic sounds into complex textures, physical energy, and delicate simplicity. A sensuous voyage to the unknown areas of the inner life. According to Kanding music should not embellish, but be a realm of fantasy. Like a hall of mirrors, his music is a journey into the ambiguous.

Kanding has specialized in composing music for computer and instruments. This has led to extensive use of the software MaxMSP. Both in the process of developing his works and as an instrument in live performances. Despite this obsession, his focus is never the electronic experiment, but always the musical expression, form, and phrase.

Kanding’s music is appreciated in concerts and has been selected for prominent festivals. He has received the Danish Arts Foundation’s three-year stipend and numerous work grants and composition commissions from international ensembles. He is the artistic leader in ensemble Contemporánea – Live Electronics Denmark and in EarUnit – concert series.

Ejnar Kanding was born in 1965 and studied composition and music theory at The Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen (1986-96), and in Jerusalem in 1994/95.